Thursday, February 26, 2009

What That Would Be Like

Miles and I recorded yesterday at Grandma's Dojo. We're taking an indefinite hiatus from this whole Leviathan Brothers thing and wanted to leave everyone with a parting shot.

"What That Would Be Like" - Leviathan Brothers

The song is called "What That Would Be Like" and features heartfelt vocals from Brett Favre circa March 4, 2009. Mr. Favre speaks a universal language of humility and we could want no better spokesman. To quote the great #4, "It was never about me. It was about everybody else."

Seeing as that was his first retirement speech we feel it is appropriate to be our first retirement speech. What does that mean for the future? We have no idea but someone's got to go back into the coal mines to cover the bills.

This is definitely a headphone jam that might make small children briefly nauseous.

Brought to you exclusively by:
Sean O'Connell - keyboards
Miles Senzaki - drums

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