Thursday, December 11, 2008

#1 on KCRW again!

We'll take as much good news as we can here at Camp Leviathan. And despite our non-appearance on a recent KCRW top ten list we find ourselves (as of 12/o8/o8) the creators of the #1 jazz record on KCRW. Again. It's very gratifiying that certain people of power think complete strangers may enjoy hearing a song off of Short Stories. Thank you tastemakers.

1 LEVIATHAN BROTHERS == Short Stories >> [Red Rockets Glare]
2 HERBIE HANCOCK == Then & Now - The Definitive >> [Verve]
3 NASCIMENTO & JOBIM TRIO == Novas Bossas >> [Blue Note]
4 PEREZ & OGERMAN == Across The Crystal Sea >> [Decca]
5 LORRAINE FEATHER == Language >> [Jazzed Media]
6 aVISHAI COHEN TRIO == Gently Disturbed >> [Raz Daz]
7 MILES DAVIS - TRIBUTE == Miles From India >> [Times Square]
8 CHARLES LLOYD QUARTET == Rabo De Nube >> [Ecm]
9 KALINA & SELF == Odd Couple >> [Based Hound]
10 BOB MOVER == It Amazes Me >> [Zoho]

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Under the Radar reviews 'Short Stories'

Dig the Short Stories review in the Best of 2008 issue of Under the Radar. Mr. Cory Frye gave us this review. We accept your challenge Cory. Our next release will be a triple disc CD-R - more tones, less drones!

Sean O'Connell plugs in for Stories, leaning hard on a roiling chug in opener "Desperate Futures," snarling over the talking head that fuels his organ with the gas it needs. Partner Miles Senzaki is his ever-present foundation, tagging the brotherly landscape with crisp brushes and fills. As always, the covers are insprired gems among the originals. Cold War Kids' "Passing the Hat" is translated on stark piano atop a harsh wind tearing at a loose metal flap. Much respect to the The Beatles pick, "The Inner Light" - a Harrison composition, no less. But it's a trip through Nirvana's "Dumb" that really sends the jaw clanging with sessioneer J.P. Maramba's bass handling the main riff and O'Connell's clean ivories speaking in Kurt Cobains' grimy moan. Vibraphone-dreamy closer "Epilogue Cabin" seals the EP with a snowy kiss. The only drawback - as always on a Leviathan joint - is the premature goodbye.