Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Day at the Races

The Leviathan Brothers are fans of the kingly pursuits. We enjoy a well-mixed drink but oppose inter-league play. We can discuss the significance of Jimmy Blanton's contributions to the role of modern bass but we'd rather watch clips of japanese game shows on the internet. So naturally this afternoon was spent at the track.

Not all of the LBs finances derive from LB related work. Sometimes we must reach beyond playing for drink tickets and a parking spot near the loading entrance in order to buy shelter and pork chops.

It was a beautiful day for the horses. Every half hour grumbling scholars would emerge from the shadows to catch a first-hand glance at another poor financial decision.

Lo and behold the LB contingent finished in the black. Yep that's horse number seven paying for a Pink's hot dog and its carbonated companion. Watch out big spenders!

Thanks for the good time Hollywood Park. See you again in two years?

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